Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday with family and friends at the Nature Discovery Center. Picnic tables in the Pavilion area are reserved for your festivities. We offer a variety of nature themed party programs, from Nature Walks to fun with rabbits.  
Birthday Party Inquiry Form

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We are currently considering Birthday Party Reservations on a case by case basis. All reservations are also subject to staff and volunteer availability, as we have a small staff.

All parties are OUTDOOR ONLY parties with 30 or fewer total attendees (including the host family).

Please submit a Birthday Party Inquiry Form and we will let you know if you can accommodate your group.

Birthday Party Details

Birthday parties at the Nature Discovery Center include reserved use of our outdoor Pavilion Area (see map) for a 2 hour party with your guests, as well as one party program option of your choice (see below). Our party programs each last about 45 minutes depending on the age and interest level of party guests.  Your party program will be scheduled to start 30 minutes after your guests are supposed to arrive to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the experience, even if they arrive a little late.

Birthday Parties may only be scheduled by current NDC Members at Wildlife Family level or higher.

Party Scheduling:  Pavilions may be reserved for parties from 4  – 6 pm on Fridays, or on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am – 12 pm, 1 – 3 pm, or 4 – 6 pm. Your total pavilion reservation time includes 30 minutes before and after your party to allow time for set-up and clean-up. For example, if your party is from 10 am – 12 pm you can arrive to set up at 9:30 am and you can stay to clean up until 12:30 pm. In this example party, your party option would begin at 10:30 am.

Party Cost:

  • $290 for our Animal Themed Party ProgramsCost includes pavilion reservation AND one Party Program Option (see list below).
  • $320 for our Mess Makers Birthday Parties – Cost includes pavilion reservation AND one Mess Maker Party Theme (follow link below to see details)
  • $340 for our Enchanted Fairyland Birthday Party – Cost includes pavilion reservation AND Fairy Themed Party Activities (follow link below to see details)

You may choose ONE of the listed options for your party, which includes an indoor educational program followed by a brief themed nature hike.

***Parties and Party Programs are not confirmed until payment is received.*** Payment in full must be received at least 5 business days before your program.

Note: If you have other party entertainment plans and only want to reserve the Pavilion Area for your party, the cost of your party will remain the same, $290 for Family Level NDC Members and higher, standard Pavilion Area reservation time windows apply.

Animal Themed Party Programs

Animal Themed Birthdays – Live animals and specimens from our collection help make our party programs a special experience for your birthday child and their friends and family to enjoy. Suggested age ranges are provided, but all programs can be adapted for kids of all ages. Whether you choose a program with live animals, or a guided tour of the Discovery Rooms, all programs end with a short nature hike.

  • Bunny Buddies — Listen to a rabbit tale and visit with and pet a live rabbit. We’ll finish up with a visit to the outdoor rabbit enclosure and rabbit feeding time. Recommended for ages 2 to 6.
  • Join the Insect Club — A fun and interactive live animal presentation about insects, spiders, and other creepy crawly animals. After the indoor program, we’ll go on a fun insect walk through the park. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.
  • Scales and Tails — A program all about reptiles: snakes, lizards, crocs and turtles. Children will be able to touch and investigate live animals and reptile specimens up close. We’ll finish with a reptile hike through the park. For ages 5 to 9.
  • Butterflies & Blooms[SEASONAL – ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES FROM MARCH THROUGH OCTOBER. Limit 25 kids.] Your child’s party guests will enjoy learning about butterflies and other pollinators in an interactive program with one of our naturalists. Every child will get to plant native flowers to take home for the bees and butterflies. We’ll finish this special program with a walk in our flower gardens to look for bees, butterflies, and other local pollinators.
  • Furry and Fuzzy — Learn about our furry and fuzzy friends the mammals. We’ll touch some our awesome specimens, furs, and live animals, as we learn about the lives of American mammals. Rabbits and other furry friends will join us. After the presentation, we’ll head out into the park to look for wild mammals.
  • Discovery Room Tour [Only available for groups of up to 15 kids and 2 adults] One of our naturalists will guide children and parents through our Discovery Rooms, and will bring out live animals for the children to visit with. After the tour, we’ll head outside for a fun nature hike.
    Note: Please have the children come upstairs with clean hands for our animal’s sake. There is a fire code maximum of 30 people in the rooms at a time.

Other Party Program Options

Mess Makers Themed Birthdays — Click link for program details and pricing. Your birthday child and up to nine of their guests will bubble over with excitement during a Bubble themed birthday program featuring sudsy, frothy, foamy, bubbles or get covered in color in a party we call Color Blast! Perfect for kids ages 3 and up with parent participation.

**NEW** Enchanted Fairyland Themed Birthdays – Click link for program details and pricing. Your guests will enjoy an enchanting time in the park as you hunt for fairy doors and fairies, create fairy themed crafts, and encounter a live animal that could be plucked straight from the setting of a fairy storybook. Best for ages 4 and up with parent participation.

Party Guidelines

  • NDC Membership at the Family Level or Higher is required to book a Birthday Party at the Nature Discovery Center.
  • Party times are 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 4:00pm on weekends, and 4:00pm on Fridays.
  • Parties last 2 hours.
  • Programs last approximately 45 minutes and start 30 minutes into the party time.
  • Under normal circumstances, maximum party size is typically 60 people (combined kids and adults) unless otherwise specified in the program descriptions above.
  • You are responsible for setup and cleanup. You will have 30 minutes before your party start time for setup and 30 minutes afterward for cleanup. Please leave your area clean; there are garbage cans onsite.
  • Unless the weather poses a threatening situation, parties are not permitted inside the Nature Center, except as part of a reserved program.
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the outdoor pavilion area only.
  • Outside vendors must submit their proof of liability insurance to the business office at least 10 days in advance.

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • No petting zoos, pony rides, or unauthorized outside animals.
  • No balloons of any kind
  • (NEW)  No piñatas
  • No staking of bounce houses or canopies
  • No disturbing or feeding any animals.
  • No alcohol, smoking, or pets, per City of Bellaire park regulations
  • No amplified music


  • If it rains, can we relocate inside? No. The pavilions offer good protection from rain under most circumstances and you should plan to be outside. If NDC staff feel that there is dangerous flooding or other severe or hazardous weather that would be unsafe for you and your guests, you will be able to receive a refund.
  • What decorations are allowed? Other than balloons, which are strictly prohibited, you are welcome to decorate as you please as long as you can clean up all the decorations in your allotted time.
  • Can I bring a bounce house? Yes, but we require a copy of the vendors liability insurance 5 days in advanced for the party.
  • Can I have it catered? Yes. All vendors must submit their liability insurance 5 days in advance for the party. Area must be cleaned.
  • Can I book an outside activity vendor? Please call the office to clear any outside vendor activities before you book.

Birthday Party Inquiry Form