Join us for our family-friendly ‘Swift Night Out’ events in the fall. Watch chimney swifts swoop and soar over their roosts and then count them as they enter their chimneys. Mark your calendars to come help us with this citizen science project to document the numbers of chimney swifts migrating through Houston.

What to bring: A folding chair if you prefer to sit, and mosquito repellent! Binoculars are optional (the swifts are visible with the naked eye as they enter the chimney).

Swift Night Out at the Nature Discovery Center
Co-sponsored by: Nature Discovery Center, Houston Audubon Society.

Date: Friday, September 8
Time: 7:15 pm
Location: Meet us at the south end of Russ Pitman Park by the playground and parking lot off Evergreen Street for special activities and information about chimney swifts just before the count. A great advantage of this site is that the chimney swifts fly right over your head and it is easy to get a good look!

The Nature Discovery Center will provide light snacks and drinks.