Apr 11, 2021 – 7:30 am

This is a guided birding trip along the upper Texas coast with Cin-Ty Lee and Mary Ann Beauchemin. For bios of your guides, click here.

Join us for another whole day outing along the upper Texas coast where we will teach the basics of finding and identifying shorebirds and warblers.

We are nearing the peak of spring migration and our goal is to see as many migrating songbirds and shorebirds as we can. If the stars are aligned, we should see more than 100 species.

We will begin on the Bolivar Peninsula, where we will focus initially on shorebirds and waders. This is where we can see thousands of American Avocets moving together through the water in search of floating invertebrates. All the shorebirds will be in full breeding plumage, so be prepared for the dazzling plumages of dowitchers, western sandpipers, dunlins, and more. We will see thousands of black skimmers and terns (Royal, Caspian, Forster’s, Least, Common and Black). In the shrubby areas around the Bolivar Peninsula, we will keep an eye out for any songbirds that have come in off the gulf, such as orioles, tanagers and buntings. We will also stop to look for Nelson’s and Seaside Sparrows in the saltmarshes.

We will head up to High Island at noon or in the early afternoon to see the Roseate Spoonbills up close at the heron rookery. If the weather conditions are right, we should expect to see numerous warblers, vireos, tanagers, and orioles arriving off the gulf.

Age Range: 16+ 

Cost: $75 for members, $95 for non-members

Size Limit: 20 people total

Advanced registration is required.


Note: Participants must follow the Harris County COVID protocols that are advised at the time of the field trip, including wearing masks and maintaining safe social distance when possible, etc. You’ll also be asked to bring an NDC COVID screening form with you the day of the event. This form will be emailed to you after registration.