Join our new bird focused program just for tweens & adults!

Mondays at 4:30 pm – Tweens (10 – 14) – March 4 through May 20

Wednesdays at 5 pm – Adults (18+) – March 6 through May 22

Do you want to start a new hobby? Here is your chance! Join our bird club and learn the basics of birdwatching. Over 10 weeks you will learn different bird characteristics and techniques to identify birds successfully.

Classes will include a 30- 35 minute lecture (printed lecture notes provided) and a 25- 30 minute hike in the park to see birds.

Class Topics

  • Week 1: Birding Basics – Binocular use, birding safety, birding dos and don’ts, birding apps
  • Week 2: Bird ID: Beaks – Beak shapes & sizes, whys, ID test
  • Week 3: Feathers – Feather types, structures, ID test
  • Week 4: Plumages – Understanding seasonally different plumages
  • Week 5: Feet & Claws – Recognizing characteristics of feet, ID test
  • Week 6: Shapes & Sizes – Variety of bird sizes, ID test
  • Week 7: Behavior – different bird behaviors, ID test
  • Week 8: Flight – Looking at flight patterns, IDing birds in flight, ID test
  • Week 9: Migration – Fully understanding bird migration, ID test
  • Week 10: Texas Natives – Studying common Texas natives, Final ID test

Cost: $175 (This includes a pair of binoculars!)

Participants will need to bring their given binoculars to each class.

Advance registration is required.  

Registration for our Spring 2024 Bird Club has ended. If you are interested in joining Bird Club, check back in late summer or early fall.

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