School Field Trips (Sept – May)

The Nature Discovery Center offers school-year “Nature at Your Doorstep” Field Trips and Summer Field Trips. This page details our school-year field trip program. Field Trips to the Nature Discovery Center are based on a curriculum of real world investigations that nurture the young scientist in every student!

Field Trip Inquiry Form

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“Nature at Your Doorstep” Field Trip Program Overview

Who: Elementary and preschool groups. Some programs are appropriate for middle school groups. Call for details.
What: Nature At Your Doorstep is an interdisciplinary field study program for elementary and preschool aged students based on a curriculum guide developed by Center staff. Classes investigate nature outdoors using scientific methodology. The topics outlined below are available for nature investigation (click here for TEKS Correlates for each of our Field Trip Programs).
Where: Nature Discovery Center (7112 Newcastle, Bellaire, TX 77401) in Russ Pitman Park.
When: The program is offered Monday through Friday subject to staff availability. Each program runs roughly 45 minutes in length. Please indicate on the inquiry form your preferred start time.
Cost: $10 per student. Title 1 Schools $5 per student.
Payment MUST be received BEFORE the date of your scheduled field trip program.
Size: Maximum 30 total students in 2 groups of 15, 1 chaperone per group of 15 students. If you have a larger group that you would like us to consider, please call to speak to the Director.


Program Topics by Grade Levels

4 years – 1st Grade
•  Awakening Senses – making discoveries with each of our senses.

1st Grade – 5th Grade
•  Animal Count – counting animals and sorting by class (mammal, bird, fish, etc.)
•  Trekking Around Trees – investigating tree characteristics.
•  Beginning Birdwatching – surveying bird locations or behaviors.
•  Seeking Out Squirrels – observing squirrel behavior and location.

2nd Grade – 5th Grade
•  Investigating Insects – distinguishing insects from non-insects (two hour program).
•  Homing In On Habitats – determining which animals can find a complete habitat in
Russ Pitman Park.

3rd Grade – 5th Grade
•  Delving Into Biodiversity – investigating biodiversity in several small sections of the
park (two hour program).

4th and 5th Grade
•  Finding Food Webs – discovering who eats what.
•  Connecting Communities – studying plant and animal interactions.

Inquiries, Scheduling, Confirmation, and Payment

Submit a School Field Trip Inquiry Form to let us know the program(s) you are interested in and your preferred dates. This form also alerts our staff to any special needs your group may have or to questions you may have about our program. Our Executive Director or Head Educator will contact you about your inquiry as soon as possible. Please allow our staff 2 business days to respond to your inquiry before calling to check on the status of your inquiry.

  • Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Your organization will receive an invoice for your visit based on the number of students who participate.
  • Payment MUST be received before the date of your program
  • Please review our cancellation policies before booking your field trip.

Clothing, Conduct, and Chaperones

• Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, including closed toe shoes, is recommended.
• Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior and discipline of their group.
• Communicate to your chaperones that they can be most helpful by guiding students through activities in the Discovery Rooms and by modeling appropriate behavior throughout the visit.

Lunch Facilities

Covered picnic tables in the pavilion behind the Center can accommodate all students, teachers, and chaperones are available on a first-come, first-served basis if there are no other NDC programs scheduled for that space during your trip. In addition, there are a few picnic tables near the playground at the south end of the park available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Field Trip Inquiry Form


  • Where should we park our buses? School buses may unload in the North lot but should park in the Evergreen pool parking lot at 4500 Evergreen Street. Be aware that long or full size buses will need to back out of the North parking lot after unloading as there is not enough space to turn around. In addition, large buses may find it difficult to make the tight turns into and out of the South parking lot. Parallel parking on Evergreen Street adjacent to the parking lot entrance is permitted.
  • Our organization has a big group. How many can you accommodate? Large groups will need to be split into smaller groups or across multiple days. Group size limits are necessary to allow for safe social distancing and to match the space limitations of our facilities, and also benefit the quality of the field trip experience for the kids. Please call the Center to speak with our Executive Director to find out if we can accommodate your larger group.