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Can’t bring your group to the NDC? Have the NDC come to you! The Nature Discovery Center offers outreach programs that will allow children to learn about nature without having to go anywhere. These programs are suitable for the classroom or library, and last about 45 minutes depending on group size and participation. Cost: $125 to $300 depending on location (see details below). There is a $40 charge for each additional, same-day program*.
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Outreach Program Topics

Bunny Buddies (PreK-2nd)
Students learn all about rabbits and how to love them while visiting with a live rabbit and listening to a rabbit tale.

Join the Insect Club (PreK-2nd)
An engaging interactive puppet show about animals who want to join the insect club. Gives facts about insects, spiders, and other animals. Includes counting and memory skills.

Warm and Fuzzy: Mammals (PreK-6th)
This new program involves learning the basics about mammals (ie. warm blooded, covered in fur, provide milk for their babies, etc.), and a look at some different species of mammals from Texas and around the World. We’ll bring live mammals for you to meet, along with furs and animal mounts!

Scales & Tails (K-6th)
All about reptiles, including snake skins and sheds, turtle shells, an alligator skull, and live animals to be touched like snakes, lizards, turtles, etc. Includes sorting and comparing skills.

Back to the Bone (K-6th)
What do birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals have in common? They all have backbones! Learn more about these animals with various specimens and live animals. Includes sorting and comparing skills.

Outreach Program Costs by Distance from 7112 Newcastle, Bellaire, TX 77401

  • $125 – Location is 0 – 10 miles away
  • $150 – Location is 11 – 20 miles away
  • $200 – Location is 21 – 30 miles away
  • $250 – Location is 31 – 40 miles away
  • $300 – Location is 41 – 50 miles away

*There is a $40 charge for each additional, same-day program, provided that the same-day programs are also the SAME Program Topic.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

I agree to notify the Nature Discovery Center in writing, via email to Pam Dunker (, of any cancellation or request to reschedule a booked program. Cancellations that can be rescheduled should be rescheduled. Cancellations will be refunded less a $50 nonrefundable deposit.

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