“Study Nature, love Nature,
stay close to Nature.
It will never fail you.” 
– Frank Lloyd Wright

We can all agree, spending time in nature is a healthy outlet for our minds and bodies. It will not fail us. We see this now, more than ever before, after experiencing 2020. This year has reminded us to spend more time outdoors to reap the benefits nature provides! The Nature Discovery Center, and our 4-acre green oasis, Russ Pitman Park, is your place to study, love, and stay close to for education, personal enjoyment, and for your health!

Stay close to us in 2021 as we continue our work to establish innovative programs that provide healthy natural experiences for our city for years to come.

Wishing you health, happiness, and nature pursuits in 2020!



Bailey Kinney                                                 Kristen Buck
Interim Executive Director                           President

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