Behind the Henshaw House you’ll find a raised bed sensory garden full of herbs, vegetables, and other plants that stimulate your senses. Visitors are always welcome to stop and experience the garden through gentle hands-on exploration.

Rub the leaves of different plants and smell your finger tips.

  • Can you find plants that smell like lemons, candy, pizza, or pickles?
  • Do any smells remind you of soap or shampoo?

How do these plants feel on your fingers?

  • Can you find some with hairs or prickles?
  • Are there any smooth leaves?

What colors can you find in the garden today?

  • Are all of the leaves the same shade of green? Which plant has the darkest leaves?
  • Are there any plants blooming in the garden? What colors are the flowers?

What else can you see, hear, feel, or smell at our sensory garden?