The following is a list of the reptiles and amphibians encountered in Russ Pitman Park by our Staff Naturalists and visitors. If you’d like to download a PDF copy of the list, click here.

Reptiles in the Park

Green Anole
Cuban Brown Anole
Mediterranean Gecko
American Five-lined Skink (rare, not seen for a number of years)
Ground Skink (aka Little Brown Skink)

Eastern Hognose Snake (rare)
Diamondback Watersnake (2 known occurrences after flooding)
Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake (rare, used to occur commonly)
Rough Earth Snake (only common species of snake)

Red-eared Slider (probably introduced)
Three-toed Box Turtle (most common species of turtle in park)
Ornate Box Turtle (Occasional and possibly introduced into park)

Amphibians in the Park

Frogs & Toads
Gulf Coast Toad (most commonly seen species of frog)
Green Treefrog Squirrel Treefrog (uncommon)
Rio Grande Chirping Frog
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
American Bullfrog (1 occurrence, probable introduction)