The following is a list of the reptiles and amphibians encountered in Russ Pitman Park by our Staff Naturalists and visitors. If you’d like to download a PDF copy of the list, click here.

Reptiles in the Park

Green Anole
Cuban Brown Anole
Mediterranean Gecko
American Five-lined Skink (rare, not seen for a number of years)
Ground Skink (aka Little Brown Skink)

Eastern Hognose Snake (rare)
Diamondback Watersnake (2 known occurrences after flooding)
Yellowbelly Watersnake (rare)
Broad-banded Watersnake (rare)
Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake (rare, used to occur commonly)
Brahminy Blind Snake (1 occurrence)
Rough Earth Snake (only common species of snake)

Red-eared Slider (probably introduced)
Three-toed Box Turtle (most common species of turtle in park)
Ornate Box Turtle (Occasional and possibly introduced into park)

Amphibians in the Park

Frogs & Toads
Gulf Coast Toad (most commonly seen species of frog)
Green Treefrog Squirrel Treefrog (uncommon)
Rio Grande Chirping Frog
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
American Bullfrog (1 occurrence, probable introduction)