We believe a personal connection to nature is an essential part of life. At NDC, our animal ambassadors are important residents who serve visitors by forging those connections through animal encounters and volunteer-care opportunities. NDC houses over 40 individual animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) which require daily food and habitat maintenance. It takes a lot of work to fill the fridge! When you help buy food for our animal ambassadors, you are ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of these treasured community members. 

Will you help us Fill the Fridge at NDC by making a donation this Giving Tuesday (11/29)?


Through Giving Tuesday, your contributions up to $1,000 will be matched,

making it that much easier to Fill the Fridge at the Nature Discovery Center!

Special thanks to       for their generous matching gift!

Caring for these critters means spending about $3,000 a year in high quality food, so that each species gets exactly what they need to thrive. In some ways our grocery list is just like yours (but maybe with a few more insects).

Each year we will purchase: 

  • 100 lbs of carrots/year  

  • 110 lbs of assorted fruits and berries  

  • 300 lbs of seeds  

  • 208 bunches of kale per year  

  • 312 bunches of romaine lettuce a year  

  • 416 zucchini and yellow squash/year  

  • 2,100 earth worms  

  • 2,400 crickets  

  • 6,000 “super worms” (a special meal worm)