We wanted to share with you our Facebook Live Animal Encounter and Feeding Time Videos that we shot during during our closure due to COVID-19 as well as Eric’s Sunday Animal Spotlights. We hope you enjoy this look at our animals and what it is like to feed a few of the many animals we have in our Discovery Rooms and Outdoor Critter Classroom.

Animal Encounters

Pigeon Chat I


Pigeon Chat II Plus Bird Behavior

Meet Our Rats: Gwen and Olivia


Animal Feeding Times

Insects and Spiders

Henry the Tenrec

Discovery Room Animals

Outdoor Critter Classroom Animals

Eric’s Sunday Animal Spotlights

Corn Snakes (4/19)

Milk Snakes (4/26)

Box Turtles (5/3)

Aquatic Turtles Part I (5/10)

Aquatic Turtles Part II (5/10)

Aquatic Turtles Part I (5/10)

Bearded Dragon (5/24)