Animal Ambassadors and Park Animal Pals at the Center help us ignite lifelong curiosity, understanding, and respect for nature with each up-close animal encounter our visitors have in the Discovery Rooms or out in the park, during classes and events, and at schools and libraries during Outreach programs. We hope that by learning more about our Animal Ambassadors and Park Animal Pals, our visitors are motivated to care more deeply for wild animals and the habitats they depend on.

Individuals, families, or organizations are welcome to participate in our Animal Adoption Program to support our Ambassador Animals and Park Animal Pals. Animal adoptions also make a great gift for friends or family!

Our Animal Ambassadors require food, water, shelter, and a stimulating habitat to lead healthy lives. Animal Ambassadors also require visits with specialized veterinarians trained to handle their unique medical care. You can help meet all of these needs by adopting an Animal Ambassador for a year. Your adoption fee will be directed to our animal care and enrichment program to promote the well-being of your adopted Animal Ambassador.

Animal Ambassador Adoptions can be made with a simple “adoption fee” (donation) of just $100/year.

Benefits of Adopting Animal Ambassadors
  • Personalized adoption certificate with photo
  • Fact sheet for your adopted animal
  • One 15 minute private visit with your adopted Animal Ambassador during your adoption year (scheduled one week in advance with our Animal Care Coordinator)

Park Animal Pals include some of our favorite animal friends we provide food, water, or shelter for in Russ Pitman Park, including our Eastern Screen Owls, hummingbirds, honey bees, and Chimney Swifts. Staff and volunteers spend time and resources putting out nest boxes, maintaining pollinator gardens, refilling, cleaning and installing feeders, performing tower maintenance, and more for these animals. By adopting one of these Park Animal Pals, you will be assisting us in our efforts to provide suitable habitats for them, ensuring their continued use of the park and allowing others like you to enjoy seeing them during park visits.

Benefits of Adopting Park Animal Pals
  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Fact sheet for your adopted animal
  • A special perk unique to your specific adopted Park Animal Pal (see below)

Special Perks of Park Animal Pal Adoptions

Eastern Screech Owls – Tickets for 2 people to one of our Park After Dark Owl Prowls

Chimney Swifts – one on one swift count

Hummingbirds – a hummingbird feeder for your yard with a personal lesson on proper care and maintenance of the feeder to keep hummingbirds safe and healthy

Honeybees – a wildflower walk in Russ Pitman Park with Head Naturalist Eric Duran and a chance to pot and take home a native pollinator plant for your own garden

Remember, as with all living things, the health and well-being of our Animal Ambassadors and Park Animal Pals can change. We will keep you informed of any significant changes in the life of your adopted animal during your adoption year.

To Adopt an Animal, please email the Center and/or call 713.667.6550. We are currently rebuilding our Animal Adoption Form. Thank you!