Birding in the Park (Covid)

Birders come here from all over Houston and surrounding areas and are often rewarded with sights not typically seen in their own backyards. Some birds seen in the park, like the Calliope Hummingbird and Allen’s Hummingbird, are very rare in the Houston area. When: Seasonal guided bird walks are offered monthly (winter) or weekly (fall, spring), but birders visit year round to enjoy our birds on their own as well.

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Russ Pitman Park, with its towering trees, abundant vegetation, food and water resources, offers visitors a wonderful place to bird watch.

Though all of our typical guided birding opportunities (Lunch with the Birds, Early Evening Birding, etc.) have been cancelled for Fall 2020 due to the pandemic, you are more than welcome to just stop by to bird on your own! Be sure to check out the Beauchemin Bird Board on the chimney for updated lists of birds seen in the park.

Swift Night Out Events – There are a few swift related activities that have not been cancelled. Visit this page to learn more.

Resources for Birding in the Park

Bird Checklist for Russ Pitman Park (PDF)

Resident & Migrant Birds of Russ Pitman Park
The Bird Sighting Board – Bird sightings are updated regularly on a large dry erase board in the south end of Russ Pitman Park, near the nature play area.
eBird – Russ Pitman Park is listed as a Hot Spot, visit this site for updated sightings as well.
Our Twitter feed NDCBirders –  will inform you of any interesting or unusual bird sightings in Russ Pitman Park and provide information about our birding programs and field trips.
Binoculars – a limited number of binoculars are available for use on our bird walks from the Nature Discovery Center. Call us at 713.667.6550 before your visit to arrange to borrow a pair.