Chimney Swift Tower Project

The Nature Discovery Center announces plans to build multiple Chimney Swift towers in and around Bellaire. Towers built to required nest site specifications will also include signage providing information about Chimney Swifts and educational opportunities at the Nature Discovery Center.

Chimney Swift Tower in Russ Pitman Park

What? Multiple Chimney Swift towers will be constructed with designs similar to the two towers currently at the Nature Discovery Center.

Where? Towers will be located in area parks in the most attractive locations for Swift roosting and nesting that also provide visibility for observers.

When? The first tower should be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018. Construction of additional towers is expected to continue through the first half of 2019.

Who? Cason Graye Homes has generously offered to provide construction materials, labor and management for this project.

Chimney Swift in flight by Frank Farese

Chimney Swift in a tower by Frank Farese

Swifts soaring over a roosting chimney by Frank Farese

Chimney Swift Tower in Russ Pitman Park







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We would appreciate your support as we work to bring Chimney Swift Towers to parks across Bellaire. Please consider making a donation today!