Become a Sustainer Donor

Perennial Partners are an extraordinary group of the Nature Discovery Center’s most passionate supporters – people just like you!

Sustainer (or monthly) giving is the simplest and most efficient way to support the mission of the Nature Discovery Center. Regular contributions will help the Center do more while reducing our fundraising and administrative costs. If your company matches donations, you can double the impact.

How it Works:

— Decide an amount that is right for you and set up a monthly gift (using the form below) to help us ensure operations and programs all year long.
— You’ll receive less mail because we do not need to send you reminders — which means more of your donation directly supports the park and programs!
— And, you’ll receive special Perennial Partner benefits, including:

  • Exclusive updates on new initiatives and programs 
  • Early access to Pumpkin Patch tickets**
  • Videos from “the field” that give behind-the-scene insights into kid’s programs or other work

You can easily stop your gift by phone (713-667-6550).

** Perennial Partners that donate at $20+/month will receive a FREE Pumpkin Pouch ($22 value) with tickets that can be used on games, rides, food and pumpkins at our annual fall festival Pumpkin Patch. Complimentary Pumpkin Pouches can be picked up at the Center during the festival OR before the festival (avoid the ticket lines if you can!) on Oct 19 – 20, any time between 8am – 6pm.

Every Amount Counts!

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$20 / month

will support field trip fees for 48 Title 1 students

$40 / month

covers the travel cost of outreach programs, where we bring science to schools, libraries and civic organizations

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$60 / month

will sponsor the medical, food and housing cost of our rabbits and guinea pig