We know that everyone has questions and concerns related to COVID-19 and how it impacts your use of the Center and the Center itself. We hope you will find the answers you are looking for here in our FAQ. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 713.667.6550, understanding that we are short staffed right now and we may not be able to answer the phone right away.

Is the Center open to the public? What do we need to know if we come?

Though Center Staff are here during business hours and happy to take phone calls (713-667-6550), the Center building, including our Discovery Rooms, is currently CLOSED to the public.

When we are able to re-open, we will be most likely be following the guidelines below:

  • To comply with State of Texas COVID-19 guidelines, our Discovery Rooms will be “no touch”. All interactive elements have been removed.
  • The Center capacity will be 12 people.
  • Masks will be required inside the building for everyone’s safety, and everyone will be asked to keep safe social distances of 6 feet from non-related Center visitors and staff.
  • You may only enter the building through the front door.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds in the bathroom at the top of the stairs before entering either of our Discovery Rooms.
  • You must exit the building from the upstairs via the outside staircase on the side of the house. Alcohol based hand sanitizer is located throughout the building for your use during your visit.

The nature park, including all of the nature trails and our outdoor Critter Classroom, is open from dawn to dusk to visitors who maintain safe social distances of 6 feet from other non-related visitors.

Are you holding summer camp at the center in 2022?

Yes!  We have not finalized our programming plans for summer 2022 at this time (1/22). Please check back for details in the weeks ahead.

Will you still be having preschool science programs this summer?

Yes.  We have not finalized our programming plans for summer 2022 at this time (1/22). Please check back in the weeks ahead.

What happened to Nature Story Time?

We are currently offering our Nature Story Time on the front lawn on Wednesday’s at 4pm. During the pandemic we have eliminated the craft portion of Nature Story Time. If you come, please wear your masks, and bring a blanket or towel for your comfort on the lawn. There are some Nature Story Time videos on our website that you might also enjoy. These videos were shot by Eric during our Spring 2020 COVID-19 closure.

How is the Center being cleaned for visitor safety?

The Center is cleaned two times a week by a professional cleaning crew following their company’s COVID-19 protocols. In between these professional cleanings, Center staff are disinfecting high-touch surfaces throughout the day with CDC recommended cleaners.

Is COVID-19 hurting the Center financially? What can we do to help?

The Center is taking a financial hit due to COVID-19.  We are a small non-profit organization, and we have lost revenue from cancelled school field trips, birthday parties, outreach programs, and children’s classes and camps. Though the Center benefited from a paycheck protection loan for current staff, that loan expired. The loss in revenue we have experienced is significant, and necessitates a hiring freeze and maintaining the Center with fewer than optimal staff.

You can help by: